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Hello PHP!

A simple PHP tutorial for beginners.
Category: php scripts - Updated: 2010/01/27
Creating MySQL user

Creating MySQL Users

How to create MySQL users using the MySQL Console to start working on a database. (7/22/2009)
Category: php mysql howto scripts - Updated: 2010/01/20

Displaying Special Characters

Some characters are difficult to manipulate using php. Here are some examples how to use escape characters. (Updated: August 26, 2009)
Category: php scripts - Updated: 2009/08/26
Websites get hacked.

How websites gets hacked.

Perhaps a 'bunch of kiddies' as some blogger call them, but they are able to get in. Learn how they do it. (July 26, 2009)
Category: php howto scripts - Updated: 2009/07/26

Reverse Sort Arrays With PHP

While making some changes on my Website, I found some issues with natsort() and array_reverse(). Here is how I did fix it. (July 24, 2009)
Category: php scripts - Updated: 2009/07/24

Sending e-mails with PHP

How to send e-mails using the PHP function mail(); and tips to ensure it works. (July 27, 2009)
Category: php scripts - Updated: 2009/07/26



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