Using Excel for 7-segment characters

7-Segment ASCII character Set

A 127-character ASCII table for 7-segment LED or LCD displays. (August 13, 2009)
Category: microcontroller electronics scripts - Updated: 2009/08/13
PIC Microcontrollers

Getting Started with PICs.

Ideas, tips and how to getting started with microcontrollers projects. (6/4/2007)
Category: microcontroller howto diy - Updated: 2009/07/23
RC circuit

ADC without ADC.

Here is a example how to read analog values without an Analog-to-Digital converter. Any Microchip PIC microcontroller without ADC can be used. (10/1/2006)
Category: microcontroller electronics howto - Updated: 2009/07/23
Air display schematic

Air Display.

A Noisemaker without noise. This is a simple display that uses the persistence of the vision [POV] to display messages in the air. (04/28/2004)
Category: microcontroller electronics homemade - Updated: 2009/07/23
ANP 16F84A 16F628A microcontroller PIC LED clock with display control

'Almost No Parts' 12/24hrs LED Clock

A 12hr/24hr LED Clock with display control, uses a microcontroller PIC 16F84A or 16F628A and a few parts. (August 25, 2009)
Category: microcontroller projects circuits - Updated: 2014/03/02

Anthony Sotillet's POV Display

A modified version of the "Air diplay" adapted to be used in a bicycle. (20/2/2008)
Category: microcontroller diy homemade from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23
Charlieplexed 7-segment display

Charlieplexing 7-segment LED display.

Also known as "Multiplexing", here is a method how to control eight 7-segment displays using only 9 microcontroller ports. (August 20, 2009)
Category: microcontroller howto - Updated: 2009/08/20
Four digits counter

Four Digit Counter

An Easy to build & multifunctional counter with 7-Segment Led Display. (5/06/2004)
Category: microcontroller projects electronics - Updated: 2010/01/19
Controling two leds

How To Control Multiple Leds

Multiplexing the I/O ports, you can control many leds using a few ports. Improved! (5/21/2006)
Category: microcontroller electronics howto - Updated: 2009/07/24

How to get 1 Second with Microcontrollers.

Roman Black's source code improved and updated. Here is how to implement 1-second timebase for microcontrollers projects. (August 12, 2009)
Category: microcontroller howto - Updated: 2009/08/12
In-Circuit Debugger


In-Circuit debugger, created by E.E. Atanasios Melimopoulos. Updated Ver 1r1 (3/20/2009)
Category: microcontroller hacks electronics from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/24
Lcd Clock with Calendar

LCD Clock/Calendar

LCD Display with Date and Time, 12hr format. (12/12/2004)
Category: microcontroller circuits diy - Updated: 2009/07/24
LED chaser with 16F84A

LED chaser using PIC 16F84A

A simple LED chaser with 8 LEDs and the PIC microcontroller 16F84A. Hex file and source code included. (August 10, 2009)
Category: microcontroller circuits - Updated: 2009/08/10

Led Chaser II

Led Chaser Version 2, Improved. Use it as "Led chaser" or "Third Brake Light". (1/30/2005)
Category: microcontroller circuits automobile - Updated: 2009/07/24
Led Clock Schematic

Led Clock

12Hr Led clock using 16F84 or 16F628. Also, schematic to build a Jumbo clock is included. (6/05/2004)
16F84 version have a problem, pending to be fixed. Updated! (9/6/2006)
Category: microcontroller circuits diy - Updated: 2009/07/24

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