NTX Gramophone / Vinyl Record Player

This is my second version of my homemade Gramophone/Phonograph using my LEGO Mindstorms NTX. (2/11/2007)


On February 2006, I puchased my first LEGO Mindstorms. On January 2007, I purchased my LEGO Mindstorms NTX, so I started to create some proyects with it. I found NTX makes easier to create projects using fewer parts. Here is my first NTX project:


NXT Record player Vinyl player detail


Here are the visual-instructions to make your own Lego NTX Gramophone (only if you are rich or your parents are wealthy enough to buy one)


Parts Needed Motor and frame


Parts needed & making the base.


Installing the Motor Connecting the Motor


Assembling the motor and connecting it to the NTX.


Tire as Disc support Almost ready


The turntable and the arm is assembled. The "turntable" is one of the big wheels that comes with Mindstorms RCX, not NTX.


Coffee Cup as Speaker NXT Turntable ready


The Gramophone almost ready. Detail of the arm assembled with the "speaker & amplifier" best know as a coffee cup.


The cup picks up the sound from the disk using a pin, a plastic cup works fine but a coffee cup have better sound quality. A bigger cup amplifies better the sound. An small cup amplifies only the high-frecuency sounds.


NXT GRamophone/Vinyl player Playing a Vinyl Disc


The Gramophone is ready. I have some old vinyl disk that I enjoy to listen with it. I even have a recording when the man reached the moon.


The motor drives directly the disk. The power for the motor should be set at 25%, it makes the vinyl disk to spin approximately 33 1/2 RPM. Here is a video of my home-made gramophone:



By the way, I'm not related with LEGO on any way. LEGO, NTX, RCX, MINDSTORMS are trademarks that belongs to THE LEGO GROUP. Also, I would like to mention: it destroys old vinyl disk. Do not build this project.



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