Paperclip Ideas II

So, you are looking for some things to make when bored at work huh?


Before I start, Let's review the history of the paperclip1.


The first [bent-wire] paper clip was patented by Samuel B. Fay in 1867. This clip was originally intended primarily for attaching tickets to fabric, although the patent recognized that it could be used to attach papers together. We have found no advertisement for the Fay paper clip before 1899.


The idea was to keep things together, but I guess the inventor never realized how useful a paperclip is.


Here are some things to do with paperclips:


Make Circles


Making Circles making bigger circles.


Paperclips can be used to make different sizes of circles. Just hold one side of the clip with a pin or another pencil and draw the circle.


paperclip tricks with a magnet.

The "old" magnet and paper clip trick.


Use a magnet under the desk to make some interesting tricks with paperclips. For example:


  • Move a metallic paperclip around your desk using just your mind. (...and a magnet under the desk.)
  • Make a clip to stay vertical.

    Actually, some people still amazed to see a paperclip moving around until they realize the magnet.


    paper clip hanger

    Paperclip hanger.


    Make a Paperclip hanger for some non-heavy items.


    paperclip chains.

    Paperclip Chains.


    Making a paperclip chain, helps you to releases some stress. after a while you will have long paperclip chains and you will be able to make a "60's style" paperclip curtain for your cubicle!


    Of course, your boss will be complaining about the costs of the office supplies.


    Paperclip trick with Bills

    "Magic" trick with clips.


    Get a dollar bill and fold it like the picture shows. Actually, any bill works fine.


    Paperclip and bill Use TWO paperclips to keep the bill folded. One clip should keep the inner fold together with one side and the other clip holds the inner fold to the other side.


    Pull each side of the bill and the paperclips will jump.


    pull the bill paperclips together.
    Here is the interesting thing: The paperclips were separated but now we have both chained together.


    Paperclip fish

    Challenge your co-workers and friends.


    Here is the issue:


    This paperclip fish is going down the river but needs your help to swim to the other way.


    Can you make the fish to swim to the other way moving ONLY three (3) paperclips?


    Here is the solution:


    move clips done!


    Don't try to move the clips from the fins and tail because you may need to move four clips. The pictures shows the best solution.


    By the way, I'm not asking you to follow my instructions. You may get fired if the big boss finds you waisting your time and some paperclips.


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