why wont my parakeet eat my diarrhea

Answering Stupid Questions.

I can see there is a lot of stupid questions on the web that Google suggests when doing a search. As I'm so kind, I will answer a few of those questions. (November 12, 2009)
Category: fail funny humor - Updated: 2009/11/12

Awful Inventions

The plan is perfect! No room for failure. I have everything t... BOOM! (11/10/2008)
Category: from_readers humor funny projects fail - Updated: 2009/07/23

Beyonce Falls Off Stage

If Beyonce falls on stage in front of thousands of fans, does it make a sound? Sony BMG is trying to not to make a sound about it. (7/28/2007)
Category: videos funny humor - Updated: 2009/07/23


Not all blondes are dumb. Find who is dumber. Sent by Barbara. (7/28/2006)
Category: funny humor from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23

Bumper Stickers.

Funny messages from bumper stickers. Sent by Lindsay (7/28/2006)
Category: funny humor - Updated: 2009/07/23
Obama has my keys.

Bush is leaving.

After eight years, George W. Bush is leaving. Let's enjoy that moment. (11/27/2008)
Category: funny humor from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23

Can you...

Can you raed tihs? So far hdurned of plepoe can. Sent by Du1ce^ (6/12/2006)
Category: funny interesting from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23

Cat Advertisement II.

How good may be a product? It may be good for cats. (3/28/2006)
Category: funny humor advertisement from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23
Cat Carrier - Feline Transportation system.

Cat Carrier.

Feline Transportation system. (11/7/2005)
Category: funny humor advertisement from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23
taffy the cat.

Cat Carrier Complaint.

A real complaint about this "product". (11/8/2005)
Category: funny humor from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23
Meet Coldwater.  Coldwater clean dishes as best is possible.

Cold water clean dishes?

This is for all the germ conscious folks that worry about using cold water to clean. (2/16/2006)
Category: humor funny from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23


Congratulations to all the kids who were born in the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's Sent by: Ed (8/18/2006)
Category: funny humor from_readers - Updated: 2009/09/07

Connect a Video Printer VGA

Using a "High Integrity" SVGA monitor Cable to connect your IEEE 1284 printer. (8/1/2007)
Category: computer funny humor - Updated: 2009/07/23

Cool Math tricks.

Who said math is not fun? Here are some cool videos showing math tricks and math-related. (7/20/2007)
Category: interesting discover funny videos - Updated: 2009/07/23


If you think Kung-Fu is pretty impressive, then you will be amazed to know what is Cow-Fu. (7/7/2006)
Category: funny humor videos - Updated: 2009/09/08

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