Acer aspire 5002WLCi with Turion 1.6Ghz

Beware of Acer Warranty Service

Here is my experience with Acer Warranty Service done thru CompUSA. The victim: An ACER Aspire 5002WLCi Notebook. (15/1/2009)
Category: computer opinion bad_ones - Updated: 2009/07/23
CGA video card

Computer to TV adapter.

Simple adapter to connect an old computer with CGA video graphics card to any TV. (11/26/2007)
Category: homemade diy circuits computer - Updated: 2009/07/23

Connect a Video Printer VGA

Using a "High Integrity" SVGA monitor Cable to connect your IEEE 1284 printer. (8/1/2007)
Category: computer funny humor - Updated: 2009/07/23
regedit disabled

Fix 'Regedit disabled by Administrator'

Perhaps caused by a virus or by someone else, you may get a popup indicating that regedit was disabled. Here is how to fix that issue. (August 8, 2009)
Category: computer howto - Updated: 2009/08/07
Samsung failure

Fixing a Samsung CRT monitor.

The problem with this old Samsung SyncMaster CRT monitor was the colors displayed were incorrect. The monitor was not able to display the RED color. (September 7, 2009)
Category: howto diy computer - Updated: 2009/09/06
DELL E172Fbp display

How To Repair Dell E172Fbp Display

Here are the instructions, and photos, how I did fix my DELL display E172Fbp LCD with a "flashing power light". This repair also works for model E171Fbp and E173Fbp. It may solve the "black screen" problem. An $8.00 USD repair. (5/12/2007)
Category: diy electronics computer howto - Updated: 2009/07/23

Homemade WiFi Lid Antenna.

A homemade Antenna using a USB Wifi adapter, a lid and some wood. I got 13dB gain. (7/29/2007)
Category: hacks projects diy homemade computer howto - Updated: 2009/07/23
Hard Disk

Inside a Hard Disk.

Let's find how looks like inside a Hard Disk. (1/15/2008)
Category: computer interesting electronics - Updated: 2009/07/23
Wireless-G USB adapter model WUSB54CC with external antenna

Linksys Wireless G USB antenna.

Hacking the Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB adapter model WUSB54CC to connect an external antenna. (10/24/2008)
Category: computer hacks diy homemade howto - Updated: 2010/01/19
Nikon L10 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L10 Software glitch

A software "bug" found on Nikon Coolpix L10 cameras and how to solve it. (10/27/2008)
Category: computer trips howto - Updated: 2009/07/24
how to open samsung monitor

Opening SAMSUNG SyncMaster back cover.

Instructions and steps how I did removed the back cover of my Samsung syncmaster 753v for service. (August 30, 2009)
Category: howto diy computer - Updated: 2009/08/29
Opening cd or dvd drive with a paperclip

Open a CD/DVD drive with paperclip.

How to open a CD or DVD drive using a paperclip without turning on the computer. (August 5, 2009)
Category: howto computer - Updated: 2009/10/10
This is not an actual advertisement, is an example.

Popups? Virus? Adware? Get rid of them.

Here is a simple way to kill all these popups, adware, Spyware and virus. (2/19/2006)
Category: discover computer howto - Updated: 2009/07/23
CD DVD drive

Removing the CD/DVD cover for service.

Instructions and/or basic steps how to remove the CD or DVD drive cover for service. (August 7, 2009)
Category: computer diy howto - Updated: 2009/08/07
usb led light schematic

USB LED Light.

A simply and easy-to-make circuit, useful when working with the computer at night. (6/8/2006)
Category: homemade diy computer light - Updated: 2009/07/23



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