It is called ASCIIMATION as it is really an ASCII animation. The asciimation is achieved by displaying frames of ASCII text one after the other at a given rate. Quite interesting how the regular ASCII characters can be used to create this animations. (6/19/2006)
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religious affiliation & religion comics. superheroes.

Did you know your favorite super hero is affiliated to religion? This page provides a quick visual reference (in the form of collages) to comic book super-heroes (and some villains), grouped by religious affiliation. (6/19/2006)
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No kidding, anyone can grown furniture! (11/06/2008)
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million dollar homepage

The owner of this web page had a simple but a great idea: To make an one million dollar homepage. Somehow, He did. (6/19/2006)
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science toy maker website

A non-commercial site for people who like to roll up their sleeves and make fun, mysterious toys and projects that entice scientific investigation. It is a resource for inspired parents, kids, teachers, teenagers, home schoolers and science fair participants. (5/15/2007)
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Spark, Bang, Buzz and Other Good Stuff.

"Spark, Bang, Buzz and Other Good Stuff" is a great webpage to learn about "homemade" crazy projects. (11/30/2006)
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Johnny Burrito and his ugly money. (9/20/2006)
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