Did you know your favorite super hero is affiliated to religion? This page provides a quick visual reference (in the form of collages) to comic book super-heroes (and some villains), grouped by religious affiliation. (6/19/2006)


religious affiliation & religion comics. superheroes. Maybe you didn't have any idea about it, but many super heroes have a "religious affiliation". This web page provides details about the religion of you favority super hero and the supporting facts.


You don't believe it? Just take a peek:


  • The religious affiliation of Superman is Methodist.


  • The religious affiliation of Batman is Episcopalian.


  • The religious affiliation of Nightcrawler from X-men is, of course, Catholic.


  • The religious affiliation of Hulk is Catholic.


  • The religious affiliation of Spider-Man is Protestant.


  • The religious affiliation of Wolverine (from X-men) is... well... discover it by yourself!


    As that webpage indicates, Just for fun, compare the various "teams." Which is the most formidable? In a "contest of champions" in which these groups were forced to fight the others, who would win?


    Link: www.ComicBookReligion.com


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