Wendy's: The Finger in Wendy's Chili.

The real story about this gruesome story that happen one year ago. (3/11/2006)


On or about March 25, all newspapers in the USA indicated: " Woman Finds Human Finger in Wendy's Chili". The story in the newspapers indicated: "A woman dining at a Wendy's restaurant in San Jose, California received the shock of her life when she realized she had just bitten into in a spoonful of chili was a human finger."


The news was so shocking, TV and newspapers showed pictures of the human finger. Don't expect me to show these pictures here. These pictures are so disgusting.


Immediately, the name "Wendy's" was under fire. The fast-food chain started an investigation to find how that happen. Nobody before had found anything like that before.


The details about the finger says: "was found in two pieces, a one and three-eighths inch long fingertip complete with the skin whorls used in fingerprinting, and a half-inch long piece of fingernail. The joint appeared to have been torn off, possibly by manufacturing machinery, rather than cleanly cut."


As Wendy's International Inc. employees have all 10 of their fingers, health inspectors assumed the finger likely entered the food chain in the process of manufacturing, however, Wendy's started an investigation offered a $100,000.00 USD reward for information on the origin of a human finger found in the bowl.


This incident damaged the Wendy's reputation. The woman that found the finger indicated she "may sue" on March 28, 2005, but later, on April 14, 2005 the news said "Wendy's 'finger-finder' won't sue." because "have been very difficult for her emotionally."


Anna Ayala After this incident, this woman, Anna Ayala was on TV for long time. The sales at Wendy's dropped, Employees at Wendy's restaurant were terminated regardless the finger did not come from the restaurant's employees.


Finally, On February 2006, Anna Ayala was on TV one more time, She pleaded guilty Friday to all charges related to planting a human finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili in a scheme to extort money from the fast food restaurant chain.


A search for the finger's owner eventually led to one of her husband's co-workers, who lost it in an industrial accident in Las Vegas.


Ayala was arrested in April 2005 in her suburban Las Vegas home and accused of trying to shake down Wendy's by filing a claim against the restaurant chain.


She later withdrew the claim as scrutiny of her find grew. Investigators found that she had filed numerous legal claims against businesses in her name or for her children.





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