Subway: Tuna Sub.

This Cold sandwich appears to be healthy compared to other sandwiches. However, if you are trying to lose weight, forget about it. Choose something else.(8/3/2006)


I thought this is the "healthier" sub from Subway, however, it is not. I was on diet last month but I ended it because the lack of information and planning that I have, also to continue with this web page.


Could you believe this? This sandwich (Next picture) have:


  • A weight of 500 grams.
  • 1,060 calories.
  • 560 calories from fat, 62 grams of fat and 14 grams of satured fat, 1 gram of trans fat.
  • 90 mg of cholesterol.
  • 2060 mg (= 2.06 grams) of sodium (salt).


    Here is the sandwich:



    Here is the photo of the advertisement:



    So, do you want to include tuna subs from Subway in your diet? No kidding! the nutritional values of this sub is almost the same of a BK hamburger.


    Maybe the Sub that you get from Subway doesn't have too many calories because it have less product than the advertised one. The advertisement shows a generous portion of tuna, but the real meal doesn't have half of it.


    Here are two photos of the sub showing what is inside:


    subway cold sub subway tuna


    I qualify this Sub with...
    Presentation: 6 of 10
    Flavor: 8 of 10
    Freshness: 10 of 10
    Size: 8 of 10
    Average: 8 of 10


    By the way, I have to mention, again, Subway logos, trademarks and others are owned by the Doctor's Associates Inc, etc etc etc. I'm not related to any of these companies, Blah blah blah blah (The legal issues about trademarks y copyrights).


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