Quiznos: Smokehouse Beef Brisket.

Taste great, Looks "nasty" and really makes my stomach full. The problem: The price makes skinny my wallet. (8/23/2006)


This Sub is the new idea from Quiznos. I was surprised how good it taste. I really love the flavor, however, the Sub looks kinda nasty. I hope someday I can get my meal as the advertisement shows.


Here is the photo of the advertisement and the photo of the sub that I got:




Check what is inside of it:



It have lots of meat but not as the advertisement shows. Quiznos sandwiches doesn't have any kind of vegetables, is 100% meat (and cheese).


I can't find the nutritional information, but I guess this sub is enough calories for all day long.


The only thing I don't like of this sandwich, is the price. Almost $11.00 USD! with that money I can go to a restaurant and eat a healthy meal or got to a buffet.


I qualify this Sub with...
Presentation: 6 of 10
Flavor: 10 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 8 of 10
Price: Ridiculous
Average: 8.00 of 10





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