From a Quiznos Employee.

An interesting email received from a Quiznos Employee. (7/27/2007)


I received an interesting email this week from Q. Q is a Quiznos employee located...


... somewhere on this planet. Q wrote:


Hey there,


I am a Quiznos employee and I found your website not only amusing, but true. I wish to remain anonymous, but I wanted to address some of your concerns about the subs you have tried.


First I want to talk about the pastrami. The sub is supposed to be served with pickles. :) The pastrami is the only sub that comes with pickles on it. No clue why the idiot who made your sub put jalapenos on it.


On all four of the subs you feature on your website you say that the advertisement isn't what you get. That is so true! I can't believe the pictures they show compared to the actual sandwiches. As you well know, we have to weigh out our meats. Currently the specs are 2 oz for a small, 4 oz for a regular and 6 oz for a large. The exceptions to this are the prime rib, brisket and pastrami sandwiches, which get 3 oz, 6 oz and 9 oz. Recently, Quiznos corporate decided to REDUCE the amount of meat on subs! After a healthy dose of "omg look at all that meat" commercials, they reduced the amount of meat! The old specs were 2.5 oz, 4 oz and 6 oz for most subs and 4 oz, 8 oz and 12 oz for the prime rib, brisket and pastrami subs. Ridiculous. I'll never understand this!


If you have any questions, I'll dish!


Signed: Q.


Here are some photos from Quiznos advertisement [left photo] and the real meal [right photo]:


Quiznos Beef Brisket:


Quiznos Pastrami:


Quiznos Mezquite Chicken:


Quiznos 'Prime' Rib Cheese steak:


I wonder, How Quiznos dare to compare and criticize Subway products when THEIR OWNS products are .... [bad words].


Oh well, shame on you Quiznos.


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