McDonalds: Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

This one sucks. Is spicy and crispy but taste like it was cooked two weeks ago. (4/21/2006)


As I mention before, I know chicken doesn't have lips but this chicken sandwich sucks. It taste awful, is not fresh and is small enough to leave me hungry. I paid $3.29 USD but the sandwich is not worth of $1.50 USD. I guess the price is because the nice box and the "cool" advertisement of the product.


I'm so dissapointed about this product. Chicken sandwiches from Checkers taste better and are cheaper. The box says "Crispy premium chicken sandwiches" but I can't find what is the "premium" about. Mayme is about the "premium" price.


Here is the picture of the real spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds and the picture from the advertisement.



Here is a picture of the "premium" aged chicken meat:



Another picture showing what is inside the sandwich:




The "premium" chicken meat is spicy in some areas and really spicy in other areas, the flavor is not distibuted properly. The last bites of my sandwich was really salty. I think this sandwich is not appropiate for customers with high blood pressure.


The flavor is really awful when the ingredients are not fresh. I can't believe this is the worse chicken sandwich I ever taste in my life. The advertisement is ridiculously exagerated. McDonalds mention in the advertisement words like "Premium", "quality", "Bold", "white meat" and things like that but seriouly I doubt about it.


If I qualify this sandwich, considering the advertisement shows a perfect product (10), then I will say:
Presentation: 5 of 10
Flavor: 2 of 10
Freshness: -4 of 10
Size: 6 of 10
Average: 2.25 of 10


To end this one I will say McDonalds, the logos, brand names, designs of the labels, boxes and other are property of McDonals Corp and affiliates. I'm not related nor affiliated to McDonals, I'm only a customer sick and tired of the false information presented in the advertisements.



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