"Whine Line."

I was reading the newspaper this morning. On the section called "The whine line", Someone asked "How customer service representatives who cannot articulate the English language get those jobs?" - I have the answer. (9/13/2006)


Good question.


"How those people who cannot articulate the English language get those job?" - The answer is so simple. Do you want the "ugly" answer or the nice one?


I will give you the ugly one: People who cannot articulate the English language are Immigrants. Some of the American workers are so busy talking about "American Idol" and complaining about the job. They have no time to answer your calls, so, others have to do it.


I know you don't like that answer. I don't like either but that is my opinion and the reality on many workplaces.


I'm not against American people or anyone else. I'm just saying SOME of the American workers. It doesn't mean "ALL OF THEM" or "MOST OF THEM".


Now, I will try my best to give you the nice answer.


Immigrants are always willing to do the job. It doesn't matter what kind of job, hard, easy or complex. It doesn't matter how much they get paid. Most of the time they don't compaint, they just do the best to get the job done.


In some cases, they didn't asked to get that job. They don't want to give you a hard time to make you undertand what they are saying. They are just doing the job because someone else put them on that phone.


Customer service is a hard job. Just imagine to answer more than 60 calls per day, complaints, stupid questions, problems with the product or just receiving some bad words without even knowing the reason why the customer is upset. Many people doesn't like the job, some of them; Americans, just quit the job and sell hamburguers at the drive-thru.


If you don't feel confortable with someone on the phone with a foreign accent, just ask him/her to transfer to someone whom speak perfectly English. Don't worry about hurting their feelings or being rude just because you want to speak with someone else. They will understand but you may need to wait for several minuts to get what are you asking for.


Those people on the phone, doing their best to assist you, many times can't articulate the English language because they are willing to do the job, no because they asked to be on the line.


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