Where is the "WOW" in Windows Vista?

I can't find it! I was promised by Microsoft that I will experience something new with a "wow". (12/3/2008)


Windows Vista lacks of WOW I'm not sure how long I'm looking for it. I'm tired of searching the "wow". I was promised by Microsoft commercials of: "Every so often you experience something so new, something delightfully unexpected. There is only one word for it: 'Wow' - The Wow Starts Now". But the fact of the matter is that the Wow has expired.


Actually, Windows Vista lacks of Wow. I remember a comment saying something like "WOW! I think Vista will be the world's greatest OS! I can't wait to install it. It will be like having sex for the first time again!"


WHAT? Itís "Like having sex for the first time"? The first time is so annoying like Vista?????? OMG!


[Just imagine Jose Pino running and screaming like crazy]


I can't believe Microsoft just throw away Windows 98 and XP just to fill the market with a junk called VISTA. If you want to buy a computer, it does have Vista installed. If your software doesn't work with Vista, (Lots of software doesn't work with Vista) you need to BUY a downgrade.


Iím sure Bill Gates already knows what I think about this product. In early January 2007, Microsoft launched the "Show Us Your Wow" website, designed to bring a global web-based competition to Vista fans. Gates wanted users to share their own Wow life-changing moments. Can you guess what happen to that website? Check it out by yourself:


That's right. The webpage doesn't exist. It was removed.


Supposedly, the WOW factor will be included with the SP1 but still not wow. So, Windows Vista: Wow or Whoa?


My first experience with VISTA was on 2007 when some customers started to complaint about their idea to migrate to Windows Vista and their software didn't work. so "I've concluded that the 'WOW' stands for 'Will Office Work?'" [Donn Edwards].


After two years of the release of Windows Vista, I refuse to use it. All my computers works with Windows XP. I'm sure Microsoft will stop supporting XP and it will die. So I started to migrate to Linux. I found the WOW when I installed Linux on a old Notebook with 64MB Ram, Pentium 233Mhz processor. I was able to get almost the same performance with the old computer using Linux comparing it to a Intel 1.2Ghz with 256Mb ram using Windows XP.


I have some issues with Linux as I'm not familiar with it, but it works. Sometimes little issues bothers me (for example, browser can't handle very well some web pages with frames) but it does the work.


As Windows Vista lacks of 'Wow' and previous versions (Win98, win XP) are already out of the market, I'm looking for another option. If the next version of Windows doesn't improve, I'm sure I will migrate to Linux.


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