If You Want to Give Up

If you ever wanted to give up, take a look at this little guy! (6/25/2008) Sent by Barbara


So, do you want to give up?


I hope you have a good reason to give up. How bad it can be? You have no Job? Did you lost your arms and you can't work?



going to work.
Going to work.


If you have no hands, How can you perform your duties?




How can you take care of customers with no hands?


taking care of customers
Taking care of customers.


How can you demostrate to everyone what you can do?


I can do it.
I can do it!


All doors are closed?


doors will be open
Doesn't matter how little or unfortunate I'm. There will be always a door open.


Disabilities are a dark cloud over your head?


share my joy
I'm optimist and I do share it with others. I'm NOT a disability.


You don't want others to be sorry about yourself?


I am in peace with myself
I'm in peace with myself, so others are in peace with me.


Do you feel that you can go further?


I have the power to break barriers.
I Have the power to break barriers and be free.


Are you tired of everything?


give time to yourself
If I'm tired, I just take a break and keep going on.


I am just a dog.


I'm just a DOG. You are a marvel called HUMAN. Demostrate everyone that you are unique. Demostrate youself that YOU have the power and spirit to win!


You just got a challenge, GO FOR IT!


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