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The information here is "AS-IS", no warranty of any kind. If you decide to build, to read and/or to follow any instruction here presented, that means; you are assuming all responsibilities and you are releasing me from all responsibilities, liabilities or any other issue.. You are the only responsible of your acts and/or decisions.


Regardless some projects can be made by children, the parents should be responsible to determine if it is appropriate or not.


Parental advisory: free porn, (or even free music downloads), free homemade porn, homemade sex video and other home made projects related to adult entertainment, (regardless that you may find it interesting), are not part of this website, however, sponsors may have material not suitable for children but it should not be adult oriented. I'm not related on any way with the sponsors and accessing those sites is the sole user's responsibility.


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Basically, my idea is to provide an excellent source of science fair projects, free projects, free instructions, home-made things to do, or simply a "good science project" idea for kids and older kids (like from 6 to 99 years old). Even you can find interesting circuits that I made. If you are looking for circuit city (or similar stores like Best buy, aaron rentals, abt electronics, Radio Shack, CompUsa, Frys Eletronics store or even walmart) you may be able to find it here as part of the article and/or the products that they sell, but when I'm talking about electronics, I do mean "analog and digital circuits and or schematics" and not a electronic item or products for sale.


I also work on crafts, paper crafts, even holiday crafts and other arts (as you may find on Michaels crafts or Hobby lobby creative centers) and anything that I consider my Hobby [Holly hobbie batman!], but a good page about it is Mary's creations.


Sometimes I do provide some information or articles about Mexican Food (because I really like really good Mexican food... don't even think "taco bell is mexican food"), and other articles talking about Britneys spears and how bald she is... even talking about American Idol or Anna Nicole Smith and the big circus on the court about the lawsuit (that is really crazy and stupid people in my opinion).. or what about the giant squid that caught the attention of all the people about the world? That is not new news, anyway, there is always something to talk about.


Going back to the point, If You, means reader, continue to read the articles on this website, agree to indemnify and hold harmless JOSE PINO for any negligent act, failures, damages or any result from the information provided on this website.


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