A Diet that Works.

There is some things that you need to know about diets. Here is my experience losing weight. (7/2/2006) updated!


After 6 months showing the false advertisement of junk food , my weight increased considerably. At 2002 I had approximately 150 lb. (68 kg) On June 1st 2006 I had 185.6 lb. (84.2 kg) Since January 2006 to June 2006, I got 20lb eating junk food from fast food restaurants. Finally, I decided to try a diet that works.


I tried firts the "famous" Atkins Diet: A Low carb diet. This diet basically is eating anything but sugars. (sugars = carbs) When the body have no sugar to produce energy, it starts using the fat to make sugar, so the fat on the body starts to go away. I tried this diet for 4 months (since August 2005) and the result is: Nothing. No weight loss. This diet ends when I had to see the doctor because I was feeling sick.


The Atkins diet is ONLY for healthy people. When the body doesn't receive enough sugars it become into a kind of "emergency situation" and starts to using the reserves. If you do a little research, you will find others that had a bad experience: After a while with that diet, they were sick.


You don't believe me? Check this out:


http://www.newscientist.com/blog/shortsharpscience/2006/03/sick-of-atkins-diet.html The frequently controversial Atkins diet has come under more fire today, with news reported in The Lancet that a 40-year-old obese woman developed a potentially deadly blood disorder after rigorously adhering to the low-carb diet for a month.


http://www.oxfordstudent.com/ht2005wk1/news/oxford_scientists_sick_after_trying_the_atkins_diet A group of Oxford scientists have subjected themselves to the controversial Atkins diet, with a number suffering ill health as a result. The researchers found that the diet caused them to experience a fast and irregular heartbeat - a condition that can lead to heart failure in the long term.


I think I was lucky. Anyway, I was not able to get the medical results because my ex-wife removed all my medical benefits regardless I was in the middle of medical treatment. Thanks Matilde!


The second "Diet" that I tried was: "The grapefruit juice". I found on some web pages and some people told me: "If you drink grapefruit juice every morning, you will lose weight".


After drinking grapefruit juice for three months, sometimes twice a day, the result was: Nothing. It didn't work for me.


Finally, On June 10 of 2006, I decided to start a diet that works. I did a little research and found the properties of extra-virgin olive oil. Allegedly olive oil (only extra-virgin) helps to lose weight and it doesn't have cholesterol. Also, I stopped to eat junk food.


Here is a list of my meals:


Decaf coffee, two slices of toasted wheat bread, one banana
Grapefruit juice, waffles with some sugarfree syrup and spread. Sometimes I use only jelly.
Cereal with Soy Milk, Strawberries or raising. Any other fruit if available.


"Instant Noodles" (Just add hot water), two slices of toasted wheat bread or any other bread with artichokes spread or just little extra-virgin olive oil with spices.
Huge salad with extra-virgin olive oil with mushrooms, diet soda or juice, some wheat bread.
Tuna sandwich with salad, water or lemonade.
Tomato soup or any other vegetable soup, bread, diet soda.
Once a week:
Pizza or any other junk food with no mayonnaise, no cheese.


Any of the above, except the pizza or junk food.


Basically, here is the results of the "diets" that I tried:


1. Atkins diet with some exercise: No loss weight, I feeled sick.
2. The grapefruit juice diet with no exercise: I gained weight.
3. Jose Pino's diet with no exercise: I did lose 3.4 pounds (3.4 lb = 1.54 kg) in two weeks.


If you want to lose weight, you don't need a diet. The only thing you need is exercise and eat enough food. "Enough food" means eat enough food until you are satisfied. I found that many people doesn't eat because they are hungry. At this time, we eat just for pleasure. With cheap food and buffet restaurants we eat more than we should.


7/10/2006 UPDATE: I changed slighly my diet and still working. I reduced the salads but still not eating cheese or mayonnaise and I try not to eat junk food from fast food restaurants. Here are the changes:


Cereal with soy milk or waffles with juice - OR -
Two scramble eggs, a biscuit, grits and decaf coffee. - OR -
Fruit (Banana, Apple or Peach) and some toast with cheese spread, juice or coffee.


One fruit before lunch. (Banana, pineapple, peach, apple or some small fruits) with any food (avoiding fatty foods). - OR -
Salad without dressing, only olive oil and condiments before lunch. After that, pizza or chicken sandwich without mayonnaise. - OR - Tuna sandwich with crackers o bread.
Any diet soda or juice.


Any available fruit or salad with any of:
Chicken noodles or any "instant" lunch with toast. - OR -
three or four toast with cheese spread - OR -
Tuna with crackers, some olive oil on it. - OR -
Burritos or Quesadillas.
juice or any diet soda with it.


As many people does, I do eat until I can't eat anymore. That is really bad, so I'm trying to eat a fruit or salad BEFORE eating something that I like, in that way I can't eat too much because I already have something in my stomach.


Here is how I'm doing:


June 1, 2006 I had 185.6 lb. (84.2 kg)
July 1, 2006 I had 182.4 lb.
July 10, 2006 I had 181.8 lb.


Please note: I'm not a doctor, I'm not expert on nutritional information, I'm just trying to share my own experience.


July 2009 Update: I got 160 lb. How? I'm not using my car, only when it's really needed. For transportation I'm using the bus. I'm eating whatever I want. Exercise is the key.


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