Let's blame someone for the Crisis

Who is at fault? What is causing the Economic Crisis? Let's find who is responsible for making family and friends unemployed. (12/08/2008)


US Dollar Crisis bill Who is responsible or what is causing the economic crisis?


Google provides more than 2,000,000 results (that is Two millions) but doesn't provide a good answer. My mom said "The government is responsible". My sister said: "Crisis? Economic crisis? what crisis? just go to any store, people is shopping like crazy!"


Even Mexican television is recommending to Mexican citizens: "Don't worry about the crisis, just keep working like slave and break your back to make some money as you always do." so they can "stay in the hole".


I'm not an expert about Economics, so I can give only my opinion about this topic.


I may say, as lots of people do, "President George W. Bush is responsible for this crisis." Bush expresses remorse that economic crisis causing unemployment and drops in 401 (k) accounts. But, is he responsible? I can't find a fact that Bush handles all economic issues and decisions about economy, so I can't figure if Bush is responsible.


Let's blame the Euro! Yeah, is more like Europe is at fault because they have a stronger currency and economy. But wait... my friend living in Europe indicates that they are also affected by the global economic crisis. Maybe the Euro is not the one to blame.


Maybe we, US citizens, are responsable for it, but America's Ambassador to Germany William Timken has rejected worldwide accusations that his country has caused the global financial crisis. Well... Maybe not.


Oh, wait! Let's blame Greenspan! I'm talking about the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan. Supposedly, he failed to control the financial system of U.S. That's it! we have a scapegoat.


errrr... hummmm...


Now what?


Pointing fingers will help us to fix the economy? Family and friends will recover their job? Well... I guess not.


Some people is comparing the actual crisis with the Great Depression that was a worldwide economic downturn starting in most places in 1929. I guess it is worse than that one because we need more money to keep our lifestyle.


I believe we are, in part, responsible of crisis. We means, I, You, Bush, Greenspan and millions of people that doesn't learn about previous errors and mistakes. Why it happen again when we already had the experience from the late 1920's ?


Let's take an example: The oil crisis that began on October 15, 1973 was basically repeated on 2006. Why this happen? According to wikipedia on or about February 11, 1974, United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger unveils the Project Independence plan to make U.S. energy independent, so the goal was to "achieve energy self-sufficiency for the United States by 1980 through a national commitment to energy conservation and development of alternative sources of energy."


What happen to that project? Why I had to pay more than $4.00 USD, a few monts ago, for each gallon of gas?


I guess is hopeless to believe Obama will end this crisis. It's easy to make a mess with a country but not easy to fix it, so Obama: Please do your best. Don't lead this country to the same hole where we have to keep working like slave and break your back to make just $5 USD per day as most Mexicans do.


As long we don't learn about our history, we will fall again and again. I think there is not just a single person to blame. We can't blame someone about the economic crisis.


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