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Walmart, "Every Day Low Prices" selling junk. (9/12/2006)


Many people loves Walmart. Others, simply hate it. Let's start from the beginning.


Walmart was founden by Sam Walton. Today, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and the second largest corporation on the world according to "Fortune Global 500." CNN/Fortune. July 24, 2006. How this company became to be what is now? Just knocking down other stores.


"Everyday Low Prices" is the main reason why Walmart became the largest retailer, however, not always is true. When a Walmart was opened close to home, the prices were low. Later, after two years, another Walmart was opened at 24 miles away. When I visited the second Walmart, I found the prices are cheaper than the first walmart. That was Interesting.


If you notice, around Walmart you will find closed stores because they can't compete with Walmart. After other stores are closed, somehow the "Every day low prices" goes up and the quality of the products goes bad.


Compare the producs that Walmart sells with others stores and you will find cheap and low quality items. Even when you need an specific product, you will not be able to find because Walmart only sells junk and low quality products and others stores are already closed.


Let me give you an example of it. I included tuna in my diet as I tried to lose weight, so I purchased a large amount of tuna can. (No more than 20, no less than 16). About two months ago I got sick and the only food that I ate was tuna. Today, I was fixing a tuna sandwich and finally I found why sometimes I got sick: The tuna cans are not good. The quality of the meat is junk regardless the expiration day is one year away.


Here is the photo of the tuna can that I purchased from Walmart:


Pay attention what the can says. There is a label that says: "When quality counts." WHAT QUALITY?


I'm not sure what kind of quality counts when the product is spoiled. I already got sick a few times ago and I'm not willing to get sick again. I throwed all the tuna cans that I purchased from Walmart. The brand of the tuna can is "Great Value". It is marketed by walmart. I guess it is called great value because is a cheap product with a real bad quality that "counts".


Here is a photo of the expiration date of the can. It expires on August 2008. It doesn't matter if you always take care of the expiration date when you purchase products from Walmart. It doesn't mean the product will be good.


I don't want to know what is that but it doesn't look like skin, it looks like gray spots on the meat, like bacterial colonies. I didn't returned this product to the store because there is always a lane to return or complaint about something on Walmart, and the store is kind of far away.


Yeap, is better to sell junk and get a few customers to return products instead of having customers purchasing the product from other stores.


I remember the day when me and my ex-wife got really sick after eating tuna purchased from Walmart. I remember that day she didn't want to fix anything to eat, so I went to Walmart, I purchased two cans and we were eating it with crackers while we were watching TV. After a while we were ill. (Me acuerdo los gemidos que pegaba cuando estaba en el baņo, despues de eso estuvo tan molesta, que me hecho agua helada en la cama a las 2:00 am para despertarme) ...Yeah, my ex-wife was that nice.


Anyway, That is the main reason of the "Every day low prices", just selling junk to beat the prices of the good quality products from other stores.


You can read complaints about Walmart at:



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