Sears/A&E Factory Service.

Is this service? Why Sears/A&E Factory Service is in my Black List? (6/25/2005)


I had a small problem with my Refrigerator, so I called the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer recommended me to contact "A&E Factory Service" Phone: (800) 905-9505.


Everything was fine until the technician didn't show. After I missed a day from work, finally the technician came late. The diagnostic was: "No problem found"


As the water leak on the refrigerator was not evident for an A&E technician, I called another company. Finally the problem was solved thanks to the Manufacturer and another service company.


This month, the central air conditioner was not cooling enough, so as the unit is a Kenmore, it have to be serviced by an authorized Servicer: SEARS. I called Sears service and I found A&E and Sears are related. Anyway, I scheduled an appointment for service.


Again, the technician was running late. Finally the technician came and said the air conditioner was fine, just the condenser need to be cleaned and another technician will come to provide an estimate.


A phone call was received from Sears stating someone will provide an estimate for a new Central air conditioner. Looks like they have the great idea to sell a new air conditioner.


Anyway, Another service company was called. The condenser was clean, not cleaning was required.


So, I decided not to waste money and time calling Sears and A&E. I really don't like to pay for nothing.


November 2005 Update:


Sears AKA A&E continued to "diagnose and repair" the central air conditioner. They replaced the compressor and charged $300.00 but it still not cooling. They continued trying to sell a $5,000.00 central air conditioner.


June 2009 Update:


Regardless Sears employees and A&E technicians knows about this webpage and the complaints, they didn't try to resolve this issue or get customer satisfaction.


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