Search Engines: Wich One Is The Best?

Over the WWW is plenty of search engines. Let's find wich one is the best one. (4/22/2006)


Looks like every search engine promises the best and faster results, but sometimes we are not able to find what we are looking for, regardless the search engine. So let's find wich one is the best one.


First, I will look for in six search engines. To find exactly what I'm looking for, I have to use "". Here is the results:




With 233 results, this search engine is not too bad. It does the job and you are able to find what you looking for.





131 results. This one have interesting features under development, but is not really good as I wish. At least, if provides good results.





This one states: "All the best search engines piled into one", however it got only 54 results. I have no idea where this one is coming from, but looks like it is gaining popularity. No too bad, but it could be better.





With 783 results, looks like google does exactly what it promises, also it have lots of extra features. No doubt, this one is a powerful tool, however, it's not perfect.





With only 39 results, I feel like this search engine is under development. The results are poor and limited. April 2009: Microsoft no longer uses MSN for its seach engine, It changed the name to BING.





Yahoo! is one of the pioneers of the search engines. However, for some reason, it shows only 190 results. I feel like Yahoo! didn't grow properly for many years and other shearch engines took their place. - I'm talking about Google. - Anyways it does the job providing adequate results. It also has interesting features.


Wich one is the best?


It depends what you looking for. You need to know how to use it and learn about the features of each one. In my opinion, the best one is Google, but it doesn't do some searchs as Altavista does. When I need good results, I look in every search engine. That is the only way to find the right web page.


July 2009 Update: Appears that Google is enhancing their search engine and now it is quite powerful. I believe it is ranked as the best search engine.



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