Restroom Debate.

Some people have a lot of free time, specially when using the restroom. Today I was witness of a "restroom debate" about the President Bush. (5/7/2007)


***Warning*** This page contains adult language.


I went to the bookstore to buy a book. I saw one interesting that said: "God Invented the integers" from Stephen Hawkings. I had some thoughts about it. I do believe Integers doesn't exist, integers were "created" by humans to make math easy, but there is not integers on exact math. After that, I went to the restroom (to do my own business, of course) and I saw this on the wall:


writing on the wall


Usually, I don't read stupid things, specially the ones written on the Men's restroom, but this one was quite interesting. It is a debate about the President Bush. If you have no idea who is "Bush", try to read news often.


Bush is a criminal Someone, initiated the "restroom debate" writing on the wall: "Bush is a criminal pig[,] those who voted for him are total idiots"


Interesting point of view. The person that wrote it didn't put the reason about his point of view, so is hard to agree or disagree. Someone else wrote:


the guy is a fag "The guy that wrote this has to be a f*g!!!'


(I edited the picture to fit it on a small area, the phrase is exactly the same)


The second person that wrote his point of view, didn't wrote the reason why he thinks that. That opinion is totally absurd and doesn't make sense. But, a third guy wrote:


someone thinks by themselves "Or someone who thinks for themselves..."


I do apologize, my English is horrible, but I think it should say: "Or someone whom thinks by himself..." Isn't right?


Anyway, the third opinion makes sense. It clearly indicates the first guy was just giving his opinion... and destroying the restroom wall, of course.


The argument, didn't end there. Someone left his argument:


why you don "Why don't you run for president you sh*t bird?"


That is a great idea! USA is a free country...


... well... "Free" doesn't mean free, is a gold cage for millions of citizens and immigrants, but most of the citizens are free to run for President (Only if they are not criminals and have lots of money).


I didn't participate on that "debate", my education and morale is higher than those people that writes the restroom walls. Anyway, Why I need to write walls when I have my OPINION on this website?


I think there is better ways to have a debate about Bush. I personally think he is the dumbest president of USA. News on TV are the supporting evidence of it.


Feel free to leave your comment and express yourself.


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