Racists Are Ignorants.

After four years of paying attention to some people, I can say these people are ignorants. (3/15/2006)


Long time ago, I discovered how the people is defined and qualified by the color of the skin, race, religion or simply because the social status. I didn't paid attention to this issues, I don't really care about what the people thinks regarding someone else.


However, Since four years ago I had in my mind a question: Why? Why some people are racist? Do you think Americans are racist? Not really. I cannot says all americans are racists. Then, White people are racists? No. Maybe latinos are racist? No. Totally wrong.


If someone is interested, my race is hispanic. I did born in Mexico. Now I'm living in USA. Here I'm, I was and I will be discriminated. However, not more or less than I was discriminated when I lived in Mexico. The reason for discrimination are the language, the skin color, sex, immigration status and even because the culture.


It does not bother me. Not at all. Why? Because I found racist people are ignorant. If someone discriminates another human just because the skin color, race or any other reason, that means this person have little or no knowledge. This person lives in "my world, my world and only my world". I'm so sorry for that people.


We should understand that ignorant people doesn't want to learn from another cultures, doesn't want to learn that humans are not valued because the color of the skin or any other insignificant reason.


Here is a good example that supports my statement:
In the news, there is a note about "A Mexican couple were recovering separately after a marital spat got out of control and saw them firing guns, throwing knives and hurling homemade bombs." Someone said regarding this news; "You have to keep them occupied, or they (like monkeys) will do stupid things". [by: rt275_drs (39/M/USA)]


Let's read carefully the news. What it is about? The point is: How violent became at the end this marriage.


But he didn't get the point because he ignored it. The school in USA teach how to read and understand the readings. The education teaches how to get the point, so I can undertand thay guy didn't got enough education. Also, the school teachs how to get the point, to get the exact idea, not to be narrow and not to be too broad.


Some people immediately becomes interested to other cultures or languages because they are hungry of knowledge. Anyone that is interested to learn more is not an ignorant. Any others that ignore the facts are, simply, ignorants. However, I can't say ignorants are racist because that is not true. I can say all racists are ignorants.




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