My Ghost Experiences.

I'm not going to talk about "The Michael Jackson Ghost" that was on TV for a while. I will talk about my real own experiences that some people calls it a "Ghost experience". (August 28, 2009)


I'm not a person that believes in paranormal issues just because a crappy video on Youtube shows a shadow and people claims "It's a ghost". I do not believe in that kind of ghosts. I believe, in certain way, in ghosts, real ghosts.


I already had two previous experiences that some people tells me that is a "ghost experience". I'm not afraid of those events, I don't see it like something scary or something to worry about. I think it was something little less than "paranormal", but nothing else.


My first experience was back in the year 2001. I was working for a 5-star hotel in the Caribbean (Yes, envy me!) and living at the employees apartments, just a couple of yards away from the sea. (Yes, envy me more!)


One morning, while sleeping, I did feel that my bed was moving, so I woke up without opening my eyes. I clearly felt again that my bed was moving like a heavy animal were jumping or running around me, more like shaking my bed. The weird thing about it was the fact that I was not able to open my eyes, even worse; I was not able to move. I did try to open my eyes or move to find what's going on but any effort was fruitless. I had no choice other than wait until it ended. Fortunately, it didn't happen again.


I was able to open my eyes and move after a few seconds. I was looking around the room, there was nothing - But I was living in a 5-star hotel in the Caribbean, so envy me much more! - oh, yeah, back to the point: There was nothing out of normal in my room.


By the way, I was not taking drugs. I swear.


Later, at lunch, I did mention my experience to two of my co-workers. A lady was looking at me like: "OMG! OMG! OMG!", so I asked her what's going on, she said: "Other employees had the same experience a few months ago!".


I didn't had any other issue or similar experiences in that place, except that my hand-held TV, discman and all my CDs did disappear mysteriously the next day after hotel employees visited my room, but I don't think it was a paranormal experience.


The second experience that I had was two months ago. I was visiting Oaxaca, México. [Dang! I'm so lazy to post on my website all the wonderful facts and thousands of photos that I got]


That day I was so excited because I was going to visit archeological sites and I was told to wake up early. I always wake up early; about 11:00am every day, but that day I felt that somebody was waking me up. Also, I was able to feel that someone was walking closer because my hand was touched slightly, like clothing touching it. I woke up without opening my eyes and I asked: "It's time to get up?" - but I got not answer.


I did open my eyes and looked around. Then I saw a woman, about 4' 6" tall, clear skin, black hair and she was dressed with a traditional dress from Oaxaca. Her face was not familiar and I don't remember to know that woman. She was in front of a table as altar, looking to a door. She didn't move or said anything. I tried to clear my sight and tried to recognize that woman but, after I opened my eyes, she was gone.


It didn't bother me, so I went to sleep again. Later, I did mention the issue to the owner of the house and I was told a woman did die in the same room were I was sleeping.


That night, I was not able to sleep very well, something was bothering me and I did wake up every three hours all night long. I had the feeling that "she" may be in the room. The next night, I took my camera and I had it ready (without flash), just in case I see "something" I will be able to have a photo.


During the night, I did woke up again and I had the idea that something or somebody was there, so I got the camera and I took five pictures around the bed, then I asked: "What do you want? I'm not here to bother you". Then I closed my eyes and fell asleep. After that, there was no more "paranormal" or "ghost" experiences. I was able to sleep well every night.


About the pictures that I took, all five photos looks like this:


looking for ghosts


Actually, there was nothing in the room other than a closet, a night stand and four walls. I didn't paid attention to the pictures until today. Using a photo editor, I did increase the brightness and contrast. I used the option "Auto brightness/contrast" and here are the results:


Ghost? What is it? It


The second and third image shows the same "unexplained" brightness and the first one shows a shadow that looks like a hard-to-see human figure. Because the second and the third one photo shows the same object, I don't think it is just random noise in the image. I have no idea what it can be, perhaps a reflection of light coming from somewhere else - regardless the room had NO WINDOWS and it was completely dark.


Anyway, I don't think there is a ghost in the pictures. I don't believe in photos or videos showing ghosts. I don't feel afraid of "paranormal" events and I believe that my two experiences have a "normal" explanation:


1. The shaky movement of my bed in the hotel perhaps was because the AC was set with a low, very low temperature and my body was shaking because it was cold. As I was so cold, I was not able to move because my muscles were also cold and numb. Perhaps my entire body was numb.


2. The woman that I saw in the room at Oaxaca perhaps was caused by hallucinations because all the delicious food that I was eating and the wonderful experience of discovering an interesting culture. Also, I was able to sleep better because I had peace of mind with myself after letting me be clear of "I came to visit only and, I should be able to sleep well regardless this is not my home."


I'm sure that I will have more experiences like this ones someday. Anyway, I'm a believer; I believe in ghosts but I'm not crazy about it. Nothing on this article was fiction, both experiences were real and I don't care if people believes it or not.


Also, next time, I will throw objects to "it" just to be sure that the woman is not just a peeping voyeur trying to watch my handsome and beautiful body.



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