Larn to spel if Grafiti.

Looks like some people is attracted to write on the walls and others are attracted to fix the spelling. Another restroom debate? (7/30/2007)


This writing was found on the Ladies' restroom wall:


learn to spell ! First of all, I didn't get the picture. I didn't get inside the ladies' restroom to take pictures. Ok?


This one is really silly; someone wrote on the wall "Smile your on canded camra".


Somebody else, willing to assist, also wrote on the wall: "If you must graffiti, please learn to spell" and corrected the spelling from the first message, as you can see on the picture.


I can't say or criticize someone else's writing because the spelling or grammar, I know mine is worse. I even get really bad complaints about errors on my web pages. Most of my errors are because I'm so excited posting a new web page and I forget to check the spelling and grammar. However, Something that bothers me and I can't understand is: Why people writes on the wall?


What is the reason for graffiti?


I believe some people who have a passion and take their art seriously make graffiti, but others are just vandals.


They just want to express themselves? They just want to bother somebody?


Maybe they want some attention because "mom didn't like my drawings when I was a kid".


According to Wikipedia, US government have an interesting way to see graffiti. "While graffiti advocates perceive graffiti as a method of reclaiming public space, their opponents regard it as an unwanted nuisance, or as expensive vandalism requiring repair of the vandalized property. Graffiti can be viewed as a "quality of life" issue, and its detractors suggest that the presence of graffiti contributes to a general sense of squalor and a heightened fear of crime."


For many people, graffiti is not a crime regardless it destroys historical places, monuments and private properties. Graffiti is not going to end, it will last until we, humans, learn to express and communicate our feelings effectively.


If you must graffiti, please learn to spell.


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