Time for forgiveness...
Time to be in peace. (10/12/2007)


I'm so angry, so sad.


But I believe it's time to forgive you.


I forgive you for all the verbal and mental abuse.


I forgive you for each night with sleep depravation that you gave me.


I forgive you for each day that you incommunicated me from my friends, brothers and parents.


I forgive you for every day that you threatened me.


I forgive you for every time that you wrongly accusated me.


I forgive you for all those times that you wake me up throwing me cold water.


I forgive you for all bad things. I Thank you for each good thing and sharing a piece of your life with me.


I can't forgive you for calling "black thing" to your unborn grandson. You must ask him for forgiveness.


I forgive you Matilde.


I really mean it.


Now I'm in peace.





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