Congrats Norma Pennock.

With more than 30 years working at the Public Relations and Communications Industry, Ms. Pennock winner of La Pluma 2006 Award is one of the most recognized journalists.


Working as journalists in a country were the law is less than a reality, is not an easy job. Only a few persons have the courage and valor to expose the reality and freed the truth. As she can indicates on her blog, La Pasarela Periodistica every day is a reason to communicate the reality as is.


Norma Pennock On July 25, 2007 Norma Pennock recently was recognized by the newspaper "Frontera" on the 8th anniversary. Ms. Pennock career goes beyond that; She have more than 27 years working with Healy and La Crónica. She also have an outstanding job on TV, in fact, She is a winner of La Pluma 2006 Award.


La Pluma awards recognize excellent work in journalism, work that has helped contribute to a better understanding of the Latino community or issues of importance to the Latino community. Professional and student journalists from throughout the region competed for news and photo honors in radio, television and print categories. The competition was fierce. She won the category Best Breaking News Story. with her work: ICN Síntesis TV, Tijuana "La Pasarela"


She, as friend, wife, journalist and mother, is against racism and injustices. Always demonstrating her commitment on the job even if she doesn't get recognized for her hard work, as much she should.


"Las canas se pintan, las letras se imprimen."


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