Beware of Acer Warranty Service

Here is my experience with Acer Warranty Service done thru CompUSA. The victim: An ACER Aspire 5002WLCi Notebook. (15/1/2009)


Acer aspire 5002WLCi with Turion 1.6Ghz When having problems with this computer, it was sent to Acer for repairs under warranty. After a while, I received the "fixed" computer with all information wiped out and a bonus: Lots of damages and looks like the original processor was stolen.


Original Computer Information Here is the specifications provided by Windows XP BEFORE it was sent to service. It indicates a processor TURION(tm) 64 Mobile ML-30 1.60GHz. As you can see on the previous picture, the specifications match with the label in the palrest.


Computer information after service. Here are the specifications from the computer AFTER warranty repairs. You may notice the speed of the computer: Processor AMD TURION(tm) 64 Mobile ML-30 800MHz.


Here is the BONUS! Here is the BONUS from ACER service: Broken ports, missing connectors and plastic damage.


The USB ports doesn't work. The left one may work if I hold tight the connector, so If I connect my USB mouse, I need to use one hand to hold the connector, use the other hand to move the mouse and use my third hand to operate the compu.... huh? wait! I have only two hands! DANG!


The S-VIDEO connector is missing. The plastic door from the expansion card is broken and there are some hairline cracks in the plastic and screen.


Looks like Acer Service or CompUSA gave me a used motherboard with plenty of problems and took the 1.6 GHz processor. Fortunately, the computer still working... ... until the LCD screen went black.


Thanks Acer & CompUSA!


P.S. If ACER or CompUSA is willing to give me an explanation about it, I will be happy to receive their message.


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