Barack Obama, President of the USA.

Brand new President of the United States of America: Barack Obama. Can he do it? (20/01/2009)


Barack Obama, New President Barack Obama is the new President of the USA. Some people see a "black immigrant son", other people see him as "US American citizen". Any way; he is the President now.


Everybody is expecting a lot from him, expecting to fix everything that previous presidents messed up.


Sometimes I think: "The plan is perfect! let's put a black president to fix all this mess so we can have a scapegoat if everything goes worse."


Super Barack Obama Obama is promising right now, - while writting this article - that he will do his best. I hope so. Millions of Americans is hoping the same thing. Can he fulfill our expectations?


Can he do it?


I guess we need to wait four years.


I have faith that he can rebuild USA.


I believe.


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