About the Flag on the background.

In case you didn't notice, there is was a Mexican flag on the background. This is not related to anything else than the Mexico's independence celebrated on September 16. (9/15/2009)


"Cinco de Mayo is a joyful day in Mexican history and an important milestone in the history of freedom. On May 5, 1862, an outnumbered band of Mexican soldiers defeated a large European power against overwhelming odds at the Battle of Puebla. Emboldened by victory and yearning for independence, Mexican patriots ultimately won independence in 1867. Today, we remember these heroic accomplishments and all those working to advance peace and liberty around the globe.."


- George W Bush (White House, 05/05/08)


Most of the people believes that May 5th is the Mexican independence day, but that is incorrect. The Mexican War of Independence (from 1810 to 1821) was an armed conflict between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonial authorities. It started on the night of 15 September 1810, when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla declared war against the colonial government on the late night of 15 September 1810, in what has become known as the Grito de Dolores; meaning "The yell of Dolores".


I don't think that most of the dates from the Mexican independence are correct as there is not a precise records of events in Mexico. Most of the "facts" that are written for the Mexican history comes from rumors, gossips and "I will write about what I think that happens". Anyway, All Mexicans celebrates September 16th as the Independence day, because there is no exact date when the independence was reached.


On September 16, 2010 Mexico celebrates 200 years of freedom ...


...oh, wait:


  • The war of independence lasted 11 years (from 1810 to 1821) then we only have 189 years hence.
  • There was no government until 1822 and is declared emperor Iturbide. It lasted 11 months (188 years).
  • The U.S. "occupation" hard 2 years where Mexico lost half its territory - according to the Mexican history. (186 years).
  • Santa Anna declared dictator of Mexico (1853-1855) (183 years).
  • In 1863 was ruled by the Hapsburg Emperor Maximilian hard until 1867 (178).
  • Approximately in 1880 begins Porfiriato until 1910 that lasted 30 years (148 years).
  • Now begins the revolution in 1910 up to 1911 (146 years)
  • In 1913 Victoriano Huerta gives a coup and becomes dictator until 1914 (144 years)
  • The war started in 1926 Cristero until 1929 (140 years)
  • Elias Calles arrived in 1920 where other presidents ruled with using them as puppets (maximato) to 1934 (126 years)
  • In 1929 begins the soft dictatorship that lasts 71 years (55 years)
  • Now with so much crime and violence in Mexico, Mexicans doesn't have the freedom to walk on the streets without getting killed or assaulted.
  • On 2010, Taxes will be raised, up to 30%, so people have to work as slave just to make $5.00 USD PER DAY (not per hour) just to pay taxes and survive.

    I don't see where are the 200 years of independence.


    Happy independence day Mexico!


    Thanks Felipe Calderón, president of the Mexican Unites States.


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