PIC Programmer sent by Fco. Arroyo.

Francisco Arroyo Garcia sent this schematic as an alternative to program MICROCHIP PICs. This programmer is a JDM-based and works fine to program the PIC 16F628A. (12/7/2006)


Francisco Arroyo built a tachometer based on my schematics, but he got a PIC 16F628A instead of 16F628, so he was not able to program the pic. I was told already my PIC programmer doesn't work with 16F628A because there is a connection missing.


Here is the schematic of the PIC programmer that he used sucessfully to program the 16F628A:


jdm Pic Programmer


He indicates:


The green LED should be always ON and the red one light up only when the programmer is working. If you get an error when the PIC is being verified, remove the green LED and it should work fine.


Before wiring the connector, be sure to match the pin number.


VPP should have 12 to 14V during programming. VCC should have 4.5 a 5.5 volts. This voltage is measured using ground as reference.


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