Led Chaser.

A sequential light chaser using the PIC 12F629. (04/21/2004)


CODE: JP6291 - CHIP: 12F629, FUSE CONFIG: Int RC


I remember the "knight rider" or "K.I.T.T.", specially the moving light on the front. I built it with 12F629. (yes! 8 leds using only 5 I/O pins. You can use up to 20 leds with the same 5 pins)



Here is the version with the 12F629 microcontroller. (I didn't use the 16F628 nor 16F84 because are expensive than 12F629 and have the same results)


Here is the schematic:




Download the HEX file HERE


I have this circuit in front of my Truck, looks really cool. I think in some cities this kind of lights are not allowed on road. I'm not sure if is a good idea to put it as brake light. Instead of alert another drivers may distract them.



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