Microcontroller 16F84A obsolete?

There is no doubt that the 16C84, the 16F84, and the 16F84A are all outstanding microcontrollers, but are you ready to move on? (August 10, 2009)


16f84 16c84 16f84a Many websites, books and some magazines talks about the 16F84A and provides some projects for it. The PIC16x84 series was the best microcontroller for the hobbyist but now Microchip is trying to get consumer to move on raising the prices of this microcontroller. Newer PICs with more memory and speed costs just 1/4 of the 16F84A, but consumers still using it so I don't think Microchip will halt the production of it.


Why to expend more than $4 bucks (US dollars) buying this PIC when I can get more with $1.50? Well, perhaps I'm crazy and I like to throw money? Not really... Newer microcontroller projects needs newer PICs, however, I decided to stay with the 16F84A.


So, I will continue working with it, developing new projects using this microcontroller. The reason? It is available anywhere. Many countries doesn't have other micro controllers available and it's almost impossible to get a simple 16F628A. A good example is Mexico: Regardless it is next to USA, is hard to find microcontrollers other than 12C508, 16F84A & 16F877A. My wallet will suffer but I will stay with the 16F84A.


For other projects I will use other Microchip PICs like 12F508, 16F628A, 16F877A. For advanced projects I will consider other PICs depending of availability and price.


If you are a hobbyist or student working with microcontroller, you may need to consider using a cheaper micro. The only problem that I see is that school curriculum's are based on the 84. So I don't think this little fellow will die soon.


The 16F84A is not obsolete, just expensive and inferior device, but still kicking and alive.


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