Led Chaser II

Led Chaser Version 2, Improved. Use it as "Led chaser" or "Third Brake Light". (1/30/2005)


NAME: JP6291B - PIC: 12F629 - Config: TIMER ON, MCLR ON, BODEN ON, INT RC.


At this point, I can't say what application it can be used. As "Fantastic Car's light", "KITT", "Knight Rider" or whatever is called. Also can be used as third brake light. Now it have a push button to change the speed and mode, so I think it can be used in many way.


By the way, Someone told me about it installed in his Bike looks really cool. I'm not sure if he was talking about a MOTORCYCLE or BICYCLE. (Someday, if you see that kind of lights coming, it may not be the "Knight Rider". Maybe the guy riding his bike).


Here is the schematic:



Download the HEX code HERE


There is 4 functions:


* OFF. (If you want to use it in your Bycicle, you can save battery).


Now, it can be turned off, so remove the Zenner diode and resistor and build your own light for your bike.


I like cool stuff in my car, but at this point, I'm not sure what else can be done. Some ideas to improve this circuit was provided by Lito (I Should say "shOestring"?)


As a comment, I like that kind of light in my truck, but I don't use it anymore. Anyway, someday I will develop a "Music Dancing light" (something like Sound meter or lights changing while you hear your favorite CD). Another idea was to use my Led Display as Third brake light and send messages to the driver behind me.


Thanks to drortolan for the video



Basically, it shows how it works, regardless the order of the LEDs are incorrect.


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