LED chaser using PIC 16F84A

A simple LED chaser with 8 LEDs and the PIC microcontroller 16F84A. Hex file and source code included. (August 10, 2009)


16F84-led-chaser.gif LED chaser with 16F84A This is a simple microcontroller PIC project. The 16F84A is used to control 8 LEDs to light in sequence, back and forth. Not a great project for a microcontroller but it can be used to start working and get experience with Microchip PIC micro controllers.


Here is the HEX code, just download it, program the PIC and put the hardware together. it will be ready to go in less than 5 minutes.


Fuse configuration: OSC RC, CP OFF, Pwr Timer ON, WDT off


How it works?


First, a variable is set to 0000_0001b (binary), then it is shifted to the left until it reaches 1000_0000b, then it is shifted to the right until it reaches 0000_0001b and the process starts again. If you want to download the source code (ASM file), click HERE.


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