LCD Clock/Calendar

LCD Display with Date and Time, 12hr format. (12/12/2004)




The reason why I'm using a LCD display is because it allow me to display many characters and it doesn't need to be "refreshed" as 7-segment Led displays. Also, the interface requieres less I/O pins.


For this project I used a 16x1 LCD Display with 4-bits interface.




Lcd Clock with Calendar


22pF capacitors keeps the clock accurate. Read the XTAL specifications to determine what capacitor value is the indicated for it.


Time and date are displayed as HH:MM:SSx mmm dd, where: HH = Hours MM = Minutes SS = Seconds x = AM/PM mmm = Month (Jan, Feb, Mar) dd = Day.


Lcd Clock


Download the HEX code HERE


I/O pins A2, A3, A4 and A5 of the 16F628 are not used. I reserved these pins to connect a LM75 (LM75 uses I2C communication) and display the temperature. Actually, I'm not developing any application using communication, so, any modification will be done until next year. (The name will change to LCD clock with Thermometer and Calendar).


Another way to build a thermometer without using any protocol is using a thermistor. Unfortunately, thermistors are not accurate and need calibration. However, The microcontroller doesn't need an A/D converter to connect it.


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