Air Display.

A Noisemaker without noise. This is a simple display that uses the persistence of the vision [POV] to display messages in the air. (04/28/2004)


CODE: JP6293E - CHIP: 12F629


A simple rotating display. Just spin and enjoy. While the "Air display" is rotating, it writes the message on the air. Because the "persistence of the vision", you will be able to read the message. Here is the circuit:


air_display/JP6293E.gif Air display schematic


Download the HEX file HERE Program the PIC with this HEX file. (Use right-click and "Save as")


UPDATE: Nov 6, 2005 - Algorithm is available. You can create your own program in any language using any microcontroller.


Build your own Air Display using this algorithm. Sorry, no longer available.



The operation is super simple and you don't need an user manual. Press the button to turn it on. Press the button to change the message and press the button to turn it off.


NOTE: Use high brighness leds to use it in daylight.


UPDATE: May 27, 2004 I found a web page selling a similar product: - you can visit the webpage to see how this work. My Air display have 15 messages. The sky liner have only 10.





April 1st, 2005 - Alexandre Costa built a similar air display inspired on this project. Picture of Alexandre Costa's Air Display


Air display Alexande Acosta


Another version (New layout) of Alexandre Costa's Air Display:


air_display/Airdisplay-newlayout.jpg Air display another version / layout


Air display another version / layout



Some interesting links about this information:


Alexandre Costa's Web Page


Click HERE to see the AlgorithmSorry, no longer available





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