How To Repair Sony PSP


For some reason, my PSP wasn't working ok. It had some sticky keys. Here is a "quick reference" how to repair the PSP keys. (09/20/07)




PSP model PSP-1001 Opening the PSP is not really difficult. This is the instructions how I did repair the keys of the SONY PSP. Before following this instructions, be sure to read the disclaimer at the main page. Also, be aware this voids the SONY warranty.


remove PSP screws First, I did remove the battery cover and the battery. There is five screws that needs to be removed. Note the warranty label under the battery.


screw hidden There is a screw under the label. You need to remove carefully the label.


don Don't forget to remove the fifth screw! Trying to open the PSP without re removing it, the plastic will break.


PSP open Now it is open. Do not touch the screen. Dust or fingerprints are a headache and a pain in the b*tt because it is really difficult to clean. It can be scratched easily.


cleaning the PSP Using a soft cotton cloth, I did clean the keys. The buttons needs cleaning also.


Basically, that's all. Not a difficult repair. The Sony PSP works ok IF nothing else has been touched. If something else fails, I will try to fix it by myself. I didn't open the back side as everything else was working fine.





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