How to get 1 Second with Microcontrollers.

Roman Black's source code improved and updated. Here is how to implement 1-second timebase for microcontrollers projects. (August 12, 2009)
Category: microcontroller howto - Updated: 2009/08/12
paper airplane

How To Make a Paper Plane.

I can't believe some stores are selling foam planes up to $2.95 USD a piece. Here are the instructions how to make a simple, yet effective, paper airplane. It really flies! (6/03/2007)
Category: howto projects homemade - Updated: 2009/07/23
DELL E172Fbp display

How To Repair Dell E172Fbp Display

Here are the instructions, and photos, how I did fix my DELL display E172Fbp LCD with a "flashing power light". This repair also works for model E171Fbp and E173Fbp. It may solve the "black screen" problem. An $8.00 USD repair. (5/12/2007)
Category: diy electronics computer howto - Updated: 2009/07/23

How To Make a Barometer.

A Barometer is used to measure the atmospheric pressure and is a tool to forecast the weather. (5/06/2007)
Category: howto science projects diy homemade - Updated: 2009/07/23

How to Deal With "Customer Service" by Phone.

Some tips that can help you to easy the pain dealing with Customer Service thru the Phone. Acetaminophen and Aspirin are not included. (06/27/2005)
Category: howto readings - Updated: 2009/07/23

How To Make a Paper Cup

This lo-tech paper cup is really helpful when no cups are handy. A less-than-one-buck project (3/11/2006)
Category: howto projects diy homemade - Updated: 2009/07/23
how to make a pinwheel

How to Make a Pinwheel.

A simple toy that children like during windy days. (5/27/2006)
Category: projects diy homemade howto - Updated: 2009/07/24
A homemade thermometer

How to make a Thermometer

Here is an easy-to-build homemade thermometer using materials available at home. (3/12/2006)
Category: science projects diy homemade howto - Updated: 2009/07/24
Websites get hacked.

How websites gets hacked.

Perhaps a 'bunch of kiddies' as some blogger call them, but they are able to get in. Learn how they do it. (July 26, 2009)
Category: php howto scripts - Updated: 2009/07/26

Homemade WiFi Lid Antenna.

A homemade Antenna using a USB Wifi adapter, a lid and some wood. I got 13dB gain. (7/29/2007)
Category: hacks projects diy homemade computer howto - Updated: 2009/07/23

"Lens Error" on Kodak cameras.

According to some websites, "lens error" on Kodak Digital cameras is a common problem, the solution? pretty simple. (So simple that, actually, you will be surprised). Let's find what's wrong with those cameras, specially the EasyShare models. (5/10/2007)
Category: diy electronics howto - Updated: 2009/07/23
Wireless-G USB adapter model WUSB54CC with external antenna

Linksys Wireless G USB antenna.

Hacking the Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB adapter model WUSB54CC to connect an external antenna. (10/24/2008)
Category: computer hacks diy homemade howto - Updated: 2010/01/19
teresitas - Mexican paper decorations.

Make Mexican Paper Decorations.

This is a simple and interesting paper decoration. Just a few paper sheets, folds, cut and you get an almost-free awesome decoration. (8/3/2007)
Category: projects diy howto - Updated: 2009/07/23

Making High Impedance Headphones

With less than 5 bucks (better known as $5 USD) you can make a high-impedance headphones for your homemade crystal radio. (11/27/2007)
Category: howto hacks projects diy - Updated: 2010/01/20
Nikon L10 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L10 Software glitch

A software "bug" found on Nikon Coolpix L10 cameras and how to solve it. (10/27/2008)
Category: computer trips howto - Updated: 2009/07/24

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