Paperclip ideas

Some items to build and things to do with paperclips. (10/05/2005)


I guess nothing on this world is so useful and multifunctional as the paperclip. Here is some crazy ideas to use the paperclip other than keeping paper sheets together.


First, You may need a tool because sometimes is hard to bend a clip. By the way: DO NOT BUILD THIS PROJECTS, Read the disclaimer at the main page. This projects may be little dangerous and you may get hurt. Here is the only tool that is needed on some projects: A nose needle pliers (and, of course, many clips).


tools needed to work with paper clips.


FIRST PROJECT: Open a CD ROM drive with a clip.

Maybe you don't know it, but if you are not able to turn on your computer or for some reason you need to open the CD ROM drive manually, just take a paperclip, make it straight and insert it in the CD ROM drive. It works like a key. Use it for emergencies only. Using it many times may damage the CD ROM drive.


SECOND PROJECT: Build a safety pin.

safety pins made using paperclips This is a great idea when you are at the office and something embarrasing happen to your clothes. I personally ripped my shirt with some cabinets before (by accident) and some days ago, My car keys made a hole on my pocket and some coins fell at the floor. Neddle nose pliers is requiered for this project.


THIRD PROJECT: Make a paperclip to float on water.


You maybe are bored and looking for something to do, or maybe you want to challenge a co-worker with a hard task: Make a paperclip float on water.


You may not believe it, but the water surface tension is enough to make the paperclip to float. (The superficial tension is defined as a shrinking force that acts in the surface perimeter and that tends to compress it)


If you drop a paperclip on the water, you break the superficial tension and it sinks, but, If you place the clip gently, the superficial tension holds the paperclip and makes it to float.


STEP 1: Lift the paperclip with an especial "paperclip lifter".


STEP 2: Place the paperclip gently at the surface.


STEP 3: Remove the "paperclip lifter" and voila! the paperclip is floating!


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