How to Make a Pinwheel.

A simple toy that children like during windy days. (5/27/2006)


As the summer comes, children like to play outside while I try to be indoors like a rat. A pinwheel is a perfect toy, and easy, for children that likes to play outside. Here is how to build one.


Before starting this project, please read the disclaimer located in the main menu. In fact, DO NOT BUILD THIS PROJECT.


Material needed:
  • Construction paper or a thin plastic sheet (it last longer). I used a white sheet of cardstock to make visible the lines and instructions but it looks better in color.
  • Scissors. (Be careful!)
  • Pin or screw. (is better to use a small screw to attach the pinwheel).
  • Wooden stick.
  • Tape.
  • 15 minutes and some wind is a must.


    how to make a pinwheel First, cut a square sheet.


    how to make a pinwheel Second, Locate the center and measure four inches from each corner to the center of the sheet.


    how to make a pinwheel Third, Cut four inches from each corner. Ask for an adult for this task. Even if you believe that you are an adult, ask to your mom if you are authorized to use scissors.


    how to make a pinwheel Next, Perforate each corner and one side of each corner. See the picture.


    how to make a pinwheel Put some tape to fix one side of each corner to the center. Perforate the center again.


    how to make a pinwheel Finally, Use the pin or the screw to fix the pinwheel to the stick. The pinwheel must be fixed in an angle so it can spin freely. The hole in the center should be big enough to allow it to spin.


    how to make a pinwheel Now I can have lots of fun with my pinwheel. As I'm fat and lazy after eating lots of junk food, I used a fan to make it spin instead of running with my pinwheel on hand.


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