Homemade 'Clorox Anywhere'

Improve your quality of life and health: Make your own disinfectant to clean your home and save money. (10/28/2008)


You may already noticed how expensive are some desinfectant products like Clorox Anywhere and other Lysol products. No matter what company makes it, the purchase price is above $3.00 USD.


You can improve your quality of life and your health making your own disinfectant at home. Here is what you need:



Clorox anywhere made at home.

Gentle Bleach Disinfectant. (Homemade Clorox Anywhere)


  • Three drops of Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite).
  • Two cups of water.

    Just mix and apply with a spray bottle. If you want to add some scent, add a few drops of lemon juice, lime juice or orange juice.


    Pros: Almost no odor and can be used to clean almost all surfaces. Not for first aid. Cons: It makes some steel surfaces to rust. Never use any Sodium Hypochlorite-based cleaner on steel or stainless-steel surfaces.


    Peroxide Disinfectant.


  • One cup of Hydrogen Peroxide. (3%, the regular one from the Drug Store)
  • One cup of Water.

    Just mix and apply with a spray bottle.


    Pros: Almost no odor and can be used to clean minor cuts or injuries. Cons: May change the color or remove the color of some materials. Spot test areas before spraying the Peroxide disinfectant cleaner. Do not mix with bleach.


    Eucalyptus and Rosemary

    Natural Disinfectants.


  • Eucalyptus or Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis).
  • Two cups of water.

    Simmer the leaves and stems for 30 minutes. Strain, pour liquid into a spray bottle and use on any surface except glass.



    Lime Disinfectant.


    The Lime juice is a natural disinfectant. It kills some bacterias. Just clean the surface with half of the lime, wait 5 minutes and wipe. Lemon also works.


    Pros: Nice Scent. Cons: May stain some surfaces. Spot test areas before using it.


    Strong Disinfectant.


  • One cup of white vinegar.
  • One cup of Hydrogen Peroxide. (3%, the regular one from the Drug Store)

    DO NOT MIX, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and another bottle with Hydrogen Peroxide. Spray first the white vinegar then the hydrogen peroxide.


    if the smell is strong, dilute the White vinegar with regular water to a 50%-50% ratio. (Half cup of water and half cup of vinegar). Do not mix with bleach.


    This cleaner will clean and remove mold.


    I hope this information helps. If you know another way to make disinfectants or cleaning products at home, please leave your comment.


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