Why Am I Always Tired?

If you live in USA, you may finish the day completely tired. Here is the explanation why you are always tired. (6/7/2006)
Category: funny humor from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23

Women, Women...

Interesting and funny e-mails received about women: Two women meet in heaven, Women Language (What she actually means) and 11 People on a rope. (Updated 7/26/2006)
Category: funny humor from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23

Work With Passion.

Behind every new technology, is a researcher with a great passion. Great enough to do the weird things. Sent by Du1ce^. (6/22/2006)
Category: readings humor interesting from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23

Wrong e-mail Address

Technology makes our life better.... And mistakes easier. Sent by Lindsay (7/7/2006)
Category: funny humor fail from_readers - Updated: 2009/07/23

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