Wendy's: Classic Doble Hamburger.

With a "homemade" flavor, this hamburger needs a lot of improvement. (3/21/2006)


I was surprised about the flavor of this hamburger. It doesn't have the fancy flavor like other fast-food restaurants have in their products. I purchased the Doble burger because the advertisement doesn't look big, but this sandwich is big enough for lunch, at least for me.


Here is the picture of the sandwich from the advertisement and, the right one, the burger that I got:


I'm not sure about you, but when I went to school, teachers told me an square is a square. The picture of the advertisement shows the meat is a square. The meat in my hamburger doesn't look like an square. Do you think they cut the corners to save some money? Maybe? I dunno... I dunno...


Regardless the meat with a round square shape and the huge amount of ketchup that I got, the flavor of the hamburguer is kind of tasteless. I think I can fix a hamburger with a better flavor but, of course, I'm not going to burn my own hamburguers. Anyway, let's see what is inside of the sandwich:



I really think this hamburger needs some improvements in the flavor and the way that it is fixed. Improvements doesn't include fingers.


Just kidding.


I qualify this Sandwich with...
Presentation: 4 of 10
Flavor: 3 of 10
Freshness: 6 of 10
Size: 7 of 10
Average: 5 of 10



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