Wendy's: Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

It looks good, similar as the advertisement. Not quite spicy but is good. (3/10/2006)


I didn't tried Wendy's before because the location is not easy to access. Anyway, finally I was able to get the Spicy Chicken and I was shock how good it looks, almost like the advertisement. Regardless the lettuce, I think this is the winner. No other sandwich match the advertisement very well as Wendy's does.


Here is the picture of the advertisement (left) and the picture of the sandwich that I purchased today:


Spicy Chicken from Wendy Spicy Chicken from Wendy


Quite similar. Isn't ? The meat inside the sandwich was not miserable as KFC's products are. The flavor of this sandwich is good, not good as the spicy chicken from 'Checkers' but it is good.


Here is the picture showing what is inside of the sandwich:
Spicy Chicken from Wendy


You may remember a disgusting situation about Wendy's products. I do. That sitation was a hoax, a lie. Wendy's products are good as it looks, by the way, I'm not affiliate with Wendy's and brand names, trademarks and others are owned by Wendys or the respective owner.


I may provide more information later about the object "found" in the chilli from Wendys.


I qualify this Sandwich with...
Presentation: 8 of 10
Flavor: 8 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 7 of 10
Average: 7.75 of 10



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