Subway: Turkey Breast... or something like that.

Good flavor, Fresh, Healty and lots of vegetables, however, I think the Turkey just run away. (5/10/2006)


I'm not sure if the Turkey was able to escape before I can eat it or what's going on, but my Sub doesn't have turkey meat as the advertisement shows. As the Italian BMT sub, this one looks awesome in the advertisement, but in the real meal is hard to find the turkey meat.


Here is the picture of the advertisement:



Here is the photo of the sub that I got:



...and here are two pictures showing how it looks inside:



This time, I didn't said anything to the Lady that fixed the sub. I just mention: "I want the Turkey Sub without mayonnaisse". So, I guess she likes to keep customer's happy and put lots of vegetables in the sub. I like this one, but I wish I can get a sub with lots of meat on it (like Firehouse Subs)


By the way, I have to mention, again, Subway logos, trademarks and others are owned by the Doctor's Associates Inc, etc etc etc. I'm not related to any of these companies, Blah blah blah blah (The legal issues about trademarks y copyrights).


I qualify this Sub with...
Presentation: 6 of 10
Flavor: 7 of 10
Freshness: 10 of 10
Size: 8 of 10
Average: 7.75 of 10


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