Subway: Cheese Steak Sub.

This sub taste really good, but is totally different as the advertisement shows. Also, surprise included in the sandwich! (3/7/06)


Subway is a "healthy food" and it is recommended by the "Doctors Association". But, do you know who or what is the "Doctors association"? The Subway Franchise web page indicates "The corporate name of Subway is Doctor's Associates Inc."


So, the corporate that owns Subway is the same corporate that recommends to eat "healthy subs" from Subway. Of course they will recommend it! Is their own products. Anyway, I'm not complaning about that. Is just to let you know. Also, I'm not related with Subway in any way and all trademarks and names are owned by them.


I went to buy a Sub yesterday. I'm not a fanatic of steak, but some people told me about this sandwich and how good it is. So, I tried. Here is the Sub that I paid for:


Subway Cheese steak
Yummi! Subway Cheese steak! But the reality is cruel. Here is the sandwich that the employee fixed for me:


The real meal, Subway Cheese steak


A funny music will be ideal at this moment. This sandwich reminders me a tamal. Regardless how the sandwich looks like inside, let's see what is inside:


The real meal, Subway Cheese steak


To be honest, This sandwich really taste good, even it came with a surprise inside! I didn't know that Subway Sandwiches have a prize inside. Here is the surprise that I found inside mi sandwich:


I found this inside my sandwich.


I wonder if Subway want me to eat healthy with lots of fiber... I guess that piece of pepper have lots of fiber. At least I didn't found anything gruesome in my sandwich. Maybe it was, but I didn't see it.


I qualify this Sub with...
Presentation: 5 of 10
Flavor: 10 of 10 <--YES! TEN of TEN!
Freshness: 9 of 10
Size: 6 of 10
Average: 7.5 of 10



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