Subway: Italian BMT

This italian sub may be healthy but not as advertised. (4/18/2006)


I like Subway because it taste good and the flavor doesn't come from the fat. This sandwich is not my favorite, but I like to think "I'm eating healthy".


Keep dreaming Jose.


The Italian BMT sandwich looks awesome in the advertisement, but the real meal is kinda miserable. I went twice and I got two pictures of this BMT Sub.


Here is the picture of the advertisement:
Here is the photo of my lunch:


...and here is the photo of the last "Italian BMT" sandwich from subway:


The last time (yesterday) I told to the lady to put everything in my sandwich. At least she was generous with the vegetables but still not good enough how the sandwich was fixed. It is far beyond as the advertisement shows.


Here is the photo showing what is inside the BMT:


As you can see, I like it hot. Lots of peppers makes it delicious. Kids: Don't try this at home. I'm an expert eating peppers.


By the way, I have to mention, again, Subway logos, trademarks and others are owned by the Doctor's Associates Inc, etc etc etc. I'm not related to any of these companies, I'm just an unhappy customer showing the differences between the advertisement and the real meal.


I qualify this Sub with...
Presentation: 5 of 10
Flavor: 7 of 10
Freshness: 9 of 10
Size: 7 of 10
Average: 7 of 10


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