Subway: Finger on Steak & Cheese Sub II.

Do you remember the lady that took back to the store a "piece of finger" allegedly she found on her sub? Well, today I got the results from the Environmental Health Department. (1/3/2007)


As soon I got the news regarding "I found a finger in my Subway sandwich" and "Subway, eat flesh!", I started to believe that is just another customer trying to get some attention and, possible, lots of money.


This morning, I got the results of the investigation from Environmental Health Department. Supervisor Phil Hudecek said two weeks ago, his agency has finished its part of the Chowchilla case.


The half-inch-square piece of tissue allegedly found October 18 in a Subway steak sandwich did not come from a Chowchilla sandwich-shop employee and may simply have been "a piece of meat".


Phil Huedecek said: "We determined that it didn't come from any of the employees in the Subway facility, It was consistent in texture and size and look with the meat products in the [Subway] batch. It looks like a piece meat."




When I wrote about this issue, I said: "I may think it is a piece of meat because the sub is made with STEAK!"


The Madera County Sherrif/Coroner and the Chowchilla Police Dept. are cooperating in the investigation that started when a woman dropped off the chunk of tissue at the Chowchilla Police department.


Investigators reported wednesday that ongoing laboratory testing still has not identified the half-inch square piece of tissue.


For the lady that found her piece of finger, let me help her to identify the difference between a cow and a finger:



The right picture shows from where the steak comes from. The left one is a finger. I hope this helps to identify the meat for some Subway and Wendys customers.



The Fresno Bee from California.


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